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Chatted Events Created on: 01-01-2019

Learn how to use "Chatted Events".

A chatted event is an event that will allow you to fire a function when a player chats a message. Chatted events may sometimes be referred as "commands".

function onChattedEvent(player)
		if msg == "Hello!" then
			print("Somebody said hi.")


To begin explaining, the "player" within the backets for "onChattedEvent" is called a peremeter, and it just means the "local player" which is the person who joined the server.

The other peremeter, "msg", means "message", and it refers to what a player had chatted.

The "if" function will check if the player's message is equalled to the command, which I just made the command "Hello!". If whatever the player messaged is equalled to the command, then the script will print "Someone said hi." in the output.

The "game.Players.PlayerAdded:connect(onChattedEvent)" just simply starts the function I created, called "onChattedEvent", when a play joins the server.

(The last statement is very important, but there are other ways you could code it in LUA.)

Hopefully you can find this easy to understand. You can comment some questions if you want; I'll try to reply.

Easy Written By ForeverKyIe

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