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Basic CFrame Created on: 20-09-2019

This tutorial will tell you about CFrame, and what it is.

What is CFrame?

CFrame is a hidden property that uses only Position, and Orientation (aka Rotation) which is probably why it's hidden.

How do I use it?

Lets start with changing position with CFrame. It's just like how you would with the position property, but instead of Vector3.new() it's CFrame.new()


game.Workspace.Part.CFrame = CFrame.new(0,5,0)

Moving on, we have orientation. This is how you change orientation with CFrame.


game.Workspace.Part.CFrame = CFrame.Angles(0,math.rad(45),0)

The reason we use math.rad() is because you have to change the rotation in Radians, not Degrees. math.rad() takes a degree value, and returns the radian conversion of it. There's a way you can change Position, and Orientation with CFrame at the same time! here's how you do it.


CFrame.new() has a bunch of different arguments: CFrame.new(x,y,z,r00,r01,r02) there are other ones, but these are the ones we need to know.

game.Workspace.Part.CFrame = CFrame.new(Vector3.new(0,5,0),Vector3.new(0,math.rad(45),0)


And there you have it. The CFrame Basics. I will be make a part 2 to show some other stuff about CFrame.

Easy Written By marioman1932

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