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The Tables Of Possiblity Created on: 01-01-2019

Learn about Tables

Making A Table

Tables are a wooden thing that can hold plates and screens. No we are not talking about Wooden Tables we are talking about arrays! It hold information about things and used in: :GetChildren(), For Do loops that act like :GetChildren, and more! Lets make one!

local Blank = {"Info 1", "Info 2"}

Random Tables

Random tables are Wooden Table that look weird and yes this is a joke. Lets say you are creating a table for lets say a joke!

local RNGJoke = math.random(1, 2)
local TableOfJokes = {"Food is not food", "Your mom lol xd"}


You can see that i have put [INSERT TABLE NAME][PUT NUMBER HERE] thats how you use the info in a table!

Function Tables

Function Tables are tables that do stuff and yes im going to do this everytime. What i mean that you can store functions in tables to my understanding this can be used in Module Scripts!

Heres a example

local MOO = {}

function MOO:Thing()


return MOO


This only exists since i need more space Why do i call it a table? Since you can put things on a table (Putting data in a table). I stole jokes back in my head This is useless This was made on after school for me

The End

Finaly you survived this easy thing! Please give me 5 stars since you will i know you will JK i dont care. Mess around and eat pizza!

Easy Written By Voice_lessDev

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