Easy By thegameison3
Make a notification!
Make a notification (basic roblox style).
Easy By 123nabilben123
All the types of scripts!
Learn all three types of scripts that make a roblox game!
Med By D_rawest15
Idle/Walk Animation system
Idle/Walk Animation system
Easy By Klxfe
Teleportation Pad
Whenever player touches Part1 it'll teleport the player to Part2.
Easy By GlobalCat
Gradually appearing text
Learn how to make 1 simple function to make text appear gradually
Med By idonthackbutiflame
How to make a level system
This tutorial will teach you how to make a good level system
Med By idonthackbutiflame
How to optimize your game
This tutorial will show you how to optimize your game's fps
Med By caiomgt
Filtering Enabled
Explains to you what it is, and how to avoid it from breaking your script.
Med By KingDestroyer_4
Loading Screen
Insert a Local Script in Replicated First
Easy By Slazai
Learn about tick()!
Hard By ForeverDev
Custom Pathfinding with A*
Describes how to create a custom 2D pathfinding system using the A* algo.
Easy By akitsuya
Opening and Closing a GuI
These are basic Open/Close functions that can be used to make frame visible
Easy By raffkaisa
Chat Welcomer
This is a super simple script that welcomes a player in your game in chat.
Med By SaltyIceberg
An introduction to raycasting
Easy By kyle993
Rainbow Effect!
Give a Part a color changing rainbow effect
Hard By Halalaluyafail3
String Formatting
How to use string formatting, and what it is.
Med By lnsertYourself
Sorting Tables!
Sorting tables is fun and easy to use! Find out how!
Easy By lordsoncraft
The Click Detector
The Click Detector Explained for Beginners
Med By MrCat4213
Press a key to play animation
From this you'll learn how to play an animation when pressing a key
Easy By AadenTheCrazyKid
Make a random player chooser
In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make a random player chooser!
Hard By EXpodo1234ALT
NPC AI Pathfinding
Learn how to make AI move with PathfindingService
Hard By Halalaluyafail3
Understanding CFrames
How CFrames are represented, created, and manipulated.
Hard By PingyPenguin7
HOW TO: Build a Tycoon
This will show you how to start building you very own tycoon!
Med By TheUniCoder
easy sprint script
lua keybinded sprint
Med By G2001H
VIP Chat Gamepass
VIP Chat Gamepass
Hard By TheRobloxPlayer2509
Connection and Memory Leak
Advanced topic, decent scripting knowledge and experience required.
Hard By meowchun
Understanding OOP
Tutorial on the basics of OOP.
Easy By SentinelvCup
How to reposition the chat!
How to reposition the roblox default chat!
Easy By Jayma1322
Using scripts via dev console.
How to use your in-game developer console to execute some small scripts.
Hard By Ince_FS
Quick Hull Algorithm 2D
Here we can learn about Convex Hull, his function.
Easy By GalaxyGourmet
Premium Membership Benefits
Learn how to give benefits to players for having premium.
Hard By Mark_GoodMan
Make a reflecting mirror
Learn to make a working mirror reflecting you and others.
Med By fivefactor
Custom Chat Tags
Learn how to add custom chat tags to your game!
Med By caiomgt
Controller Input
How to get and do stuff with controller input!
Easy By aidan29251
Scripting 1: Leaderboards
This is a simple tutorial on how to make a leaderboard.
Easy By lnsertYourself
Account Age
What is Account Age and effective ways of using it for your game!
Easy By 1TheDark1
Basic Easter Eggs
This will teach you how to make basic easter eggs.
Med By MrSprinkleToes
Make NPC Talk
Make an NPC or part speak random phrases at a specified interval!
Easy By Itsyourdriver
Load Catalog Items, And Models
Learn how to load catalog items and models with insertservice!
Med By KrakenLordGames
Making a Working Plugin
This will teach you how to make a plugin that makes a new script in studio!
Med By lnsertYourself
Tweening Guis
The Easy way of Tweening Gui Size and Position
Med By SamirDevs
Learn how to make an auto-save for your game.
Easy By Simpletton
Changing the WalkSpeed
How to change the player's walk speed
Easy By OfficialTornado
Basic modelling + Properties
Hey! This is just some simple modelling for beginners.
Med By Mark_GoodMan
Make animation for characters
Learn to animate characters models and run them in-game.
Easy By lnsertYourself
Song Playlist
How To Create a Song Playlist That Everyone in Your Game can Listen To!
Med By XxMouseRatRockBandxX
Robbing/Earning Money
This shows you how to make a robbable store in LUA
Easy By TypicallyPacific
Ban List
Ban players from your Roblox game.
Easy By marioman1932
Basic CFrame
This tutorial will tell you about CFrame, and what it is.
Easy By JollyGameCrazy
Sound Visualisers
This will tell you how to create your own sound visualiser.
Easy By ItsTerrarian21Playz
Currency Script
This is a simple Currency maker/saver
Easy By PingyPenguin7
Custom Characters
Learn to spawn as a custom character!
Med By InsertYourself
Anti-Gravity Block!
How to make an Anti-Gravity Block like one you would find in space!
Easy By Hexlinee
Overhead GUI
Shows you how to make a overhead gui.
Easy By sebse456
Making Custom Commands
Make your own custom commands
Hard By Isaque232
PCALL and XPCALL - Very useful
How pcall and xpcall works
Med By NotAPorgu
Hinge Constraints: Servo
Learn to set up hinge constrains as servos!
Easy By ForeverKyIe
Chatted Events
Learn how to use "Chatted Events".
Easy By noahsdeathwish
Lua Math 101
1 + 1 = 2
Easy By Bottrader
GUI Button
Once clicked, this button will do as suppose to
Med By Halalaluyafail3
The coroutine library
Med By Jay3721
Dynamic Depth of Field
Create a dynamic changing depth of field effect for your game.
Med By howmanysmaII
How to check if a player owns a specific gamepass.
Easy By GalaxyGourmet
Custom Player Overhead Gui
Use Clone() to give the player their own custom overhead Gui.
Hard By little5
Metatable Tutorial
A basic overview of how metatables work.
Easy By ClubCity
creating game teleport
learn how to creat teleport to other game
Med By NeonD00m
Gun Tool Skeleton/Basics
A simple skeleton version of a gun that can be upgraded to be a lot better.
Easy By sparklenico20
Dropable Tool
If you want mobile players to be more happier in your game
Easy By ForeverKyIe
Tonumber and tostring
Learn how to use "tonumber()" and "tostring()".
Easy By Crazee_Monkee
Basic Scripting - 1
Learn about functions, variables, and instancing!
Easy By Azostle
UserInputService & key input
Learn UserInputService and its importance.
Hard By InsertYourself
Create collision groups and customize how they can collide with each other!
Easy By WoomyLord
OnTouch Events
How to make a part do things.
Hard By OGMGuy
How to make Leaderstats
This will teach you how to script the leaderstats
Med By Bentlysk
how to make an rng
an rng is a random number generator
Med By srpskic
Learn What's Lerping and how to use it
Med By idontthinkofacool
Extending Leaderboard Limit
If you work on a simulator, this is neccessary.
Easy By UnityWoosh
Gamepass Tools
Learn how you can make a gamepass script
Easy By Varis_Marcell
Keycard Door Tutorial
How to make a keycard door work.
Global Metatable Functions
Raw functions and newproxy.
Hard By howmanysmaII
RbxWeb Tutorial
RbxWeb is a DataStore module made by movsb.
Med By Aceriterium
Tutorial about Random object
Med By higio123
Getting Player Ping
How to get a player's ping using a RemoteFunction
Easy By MomentumKnight
How To Make A Basic Door
This tutorial is about making a basic opening and closing door.
Med By synoooot
2D Terrain Generator
2D Terrain Generation using Perlin noise!
Hard By ILoveMyJelly
Object Oriented Programming
Learn how to create your own object in Roblox!
Med By synoooot
Datastore Introduction
An intro to Datastores!
Med By Fantasticalspongebob
Click for coins tutorial
How to make a 'Click For Coins' gui in Roblox (Maybe Outdated)
Med By Mark_GoodMan
Camera bobble movement
Learn to make bobble camera so when you move, the camera shakes.
Easy By stevieone
GetChildren & GetDescendants
Explains how GetChildren and GetDescendants work.
Med By WedmoreTablet
Union and Negate
Using the Union and Negate tools in Studio
Easy By Halru
Useful operators
Operators that you will use frequently!
Easy By GalaxyGourmet
Explode Players
Use the Explosion object to blow up players.
Med By caiomgt
Chat commands
Learn how to make chat commands.
Easy By GalaxyGourmet
Player Trail
Use Instance.new() to give the player their own trail.
Easy By SintzTutchz
Only player door
This shows you how to make a part "open" when a specific player touches it.
Med By ComputercoreMFNew2
Moving Screen Tutorial
How to make a simple one text moving screen.
Easy By rfviba
Animated TweenService Door
Learn how to make an Animated TweenService Door.
Med By jig_x
Randomized Map
Gets a random map that you made and places it into workspace.
Med By kitrank
Tween Service
How to use TweenService
Hard By PartShort
Player Mouse Manipulation
Manipulates your camera by moving your mouse!
Med By F_ireplace
Module Scripts
This will teach you the basics of module scripts.
Med By Mn2O7
Avoiding Vulnerabilities
A basic tutorial on how to avoid vulnerabilities
Easy By TheRobloxPlayer2509
Thread and Scopes
Basic Lua knowledge
Med By xXisaacyoshimarioXx
How To Make a Tool Giver
How to make a functioning tool giver with a cooldown. Works for any tool.
Med By snowwyyyyy2
Simple Shift (Mobile)
Shift running made easy!
Hard By BosOfroblox
You will learn about CollectionService.
Med By Mark_GoodMan
Learn how ReplicatedStorage works!
Easy By kitrank
Remote Events
Tutorial on Remote Events and how to use them
Easy By SplitSecondFail153
What is a Debounce script?
Hard By PunyAdmin1
Leaderboard Rank
Put in ServerScriptService
Med By 123nabilben123
Camera Manipulation Tutorial
This tutorial will teach you about the Camera
Med By yin_yang
Intro to OOP
Out-of-the-box thinking is necessary!
Easy By Worthy0ne
Spawning A Player
Spawn, position, and assign a player's team
Hard By Halalaluyafail3
String Patterns
How string patterns work.
Med By megabean99
Kill Bricks
How to make bricks that kill.
Med By RumpShaka
Adding Chat Filter Modules
Learn to add custom chat filters and prevent bot spam in your game.
Easy By raumil99999
color changing brick
how to make a brick color change
Hard By Jaguar515_YT
Understanding os.date
A guide to using os.date
Med By theking48989987
Terrain generation
2d terrain generation using math.noise
Easy By kitrank
Learning about variables
Easy By PingyPenguin7
Keyboard Input
To detect when a player pushes a certain key
Easy By Danilka7575
Custom Player Commands
This tutorial will teach you how to create custom player commands.
Med By lnsertYourself
Make Your Character Invisible!
How to make your Character Invisible and then visible! Like an ability!
Med By N00bRobloxian09
Auto Updating Model
Automatically updating model in game.
Easy By Raceingguy1432
Spinning Surface Gui
A tutorial on how to make a Image spin.
Med By LegendaryFrosts
Understanding Modulo
Here, you will learn how modulos work in Lua.
Easy By R_ossi
Creating a simple door
This shows you how to make a door using LUA.
Med By AxoI0tI
Filtering Enable Tutorial
FE Scripting Basics
Hard By uhTeddy
Modulated OOP
This tutorial teaches you how to create a module using OOP!
Easy By airkiller2222
Basic Daylight Cycle
I will show you how to make a Daylight Cycle
Hard By f_3v
OOP in more detail
Looks at subjects like inheritence
Easy By Azostle
Learn how to create tables.
Med By Kerznik
Numerical analysis technique to fit a function to data points.
Easy By Gmn0111
Understanding math.random
math.random() selects a random number
Med By xJDiviisionZ
String Manipulation
Learn how to manipulate strings!
Med By Bottrader
ProcessReceipt - Gamepasses
Automatically gives you what you purchased right away.
Easy By Diamond_King5001
Click Functions
How to make a block run a script when you click it
Med By jacklollz2
Memory Management & Leaks
Keeping memory usage under control is easy but usually looked over!
Med By Bottrader
ProcessReceipt - DevProducts
Once something is bought, their is an immediate outcome
Easy By Crazee_Monkee
Disappearing Part
Learn how to make a part disappear when a player steps on it.
Easy By Kut_ro
Basics of CFrame
Very simple tutorial/explanation on CFrame
Med By 0kJu5tSp4ng3
Debounces add cooldowns to functions to prevent scripts from breaking.
Med By EXpodo1234ALT
Deprecated Methods
Learn what deprecation is
Hard By Iplaydev
Threading Basics
Explanations for spawn, delay and the coroutine library.
Med By FroschCrafterLP
Sync your time with the server
Learn how to sync your time with the server time.
Easy By caiomgt
How to monetize your games
A tutorial that explains how you should go on monetizing your game.
Easy By FreakingHulk
Chat controlled door
How to make a chat controlled door.
Med By Jaguar515_YT
Notifications in a Nutshell
Implement in-game notifications into your game
Easy By I_amCapitalT
Basic Player Leaderstats
The basics of Player's leaderstats code.
Easy By angelux079
Generating Numbers
Using Math.Random
Med By Danrich123
TextService - GetTextSize
a guide to sizing your text
Easy By Halalaluyafail3
Precedence in detail
Med By nick_namous
Intro to variadic tables & their uses.
Med By CeaselessQuokka
How to Make a Plugin
This will guide you through the steps of coding a plugin.
Easy By ScripterGo
Server and Client
Server and Client side, what do they mean?
Easy By Hugo_XPGamer
Overhead Gui
Creates a Overhead Gui for the owner admin ect
Easy By Hugo_XPGamer
Adding objects into workspace with a script!
Med By EXpodo1234ALT
Variadic functions
Learn what variadic arguments and functions are
Hard By VitalWinter
Recursive functions
What happens when a function tries to run itself? Recursion!?
Easy By vikenmanoukian21
Touched and TouchEnded
On Touch event
Med By 2008snate
Part Spawning
This will teach you how to spawn Parts!
Easy By ma_t1
What are events?
Basic tutorial of what events are and how to use them.
Easy By tobyjing2005
Basics Of Functions
This tutorial is about the basics of functions
Med By Gojinhan
UserInputService in-depth.
Learn how to make a debounced, tool compatible UserInputService script!
Easy By DEVLOgiC_1
Using string functions.
How to use the string functions.
Med By Halalaluyafail3
Variadic Functions
Accepting an infinite number of arguments
Med By brokenVectors
Using Key Detection
This will teach you key detection for LUA.
Easy By kitrank
What is Filtering Enabled?
An explanation of Filtering Enabled
Easy By blushclips
How to Welding (Basics)
This tutorial will teach you the basics to welds.
Med By robro786
Use Noise To Generate Terrain
This tutorial assumes you're familiar with lua and roblox's API
Easy By kitrank
If Statements & Loops
A tutorial on conditional statements and loops
Easy By Stayaway_bratStupid
The Wait Script
This is about the wait script.
Med By TheRobloxPlayer2509
Basic Data Store Tutorial
This tutorial will teach you how to save data!
Med By Voice_lessDev
Looping And Breaking
Here you will learn all about loops
Med By GalaxyGourmet
Randomizing Text
Learn how to use tables and math.random() to constantly randomize text.
Easy By NeonD00m
Player CFrame Control w/ Mouse
How to make the player turn towards the mouse, like in Dungeon Quest.
Med By ForeverKyIe
Random Tables
Learn how to use "random" on a table.
Med By theking48989987
Advanced-ish string manip
excessive use of patterns included
Easy By kitrank
Scripting 1: Indexing
How to index objects
Med By I_Yagyaveer
GUI Animations
Basic Tweening, Additional Options, Advanced Tweening And More!
Easy By anthlons
Basics of Tables
Teaches you how to use tables in the simplest way
Med By Dr_K4rma
Iterating through Objects
Use 'for' loops to iterate through objects
Easy By jakehead20
Variable Types
The identities of a variable
Easy By kitrank
Indexing Properly
How to index objects
Easy By GabrielDeaf
Global Variable
Learn and how to use it.
Easy By howmanysmaII
CollectionService Tutorial
This tutorial covers how to use CollectionService.
Med By Bottrader
ProcessReceipt - Gamepasses
Automatically gives you what you purchased right away.
Easy By GalaxyGourmet
Learn how to put comments in scripts.
Med By CeaselessQuokka
What is Scale and Offset?
This tutorial aims to aid your understanding of what Scale and Offset are.
Easy By therDanTDM
How to use variables
In this tutorial you'll learn about variables
Easy By kitrank
Scripting 3: Variables
Learning about variables
Med By ScripterGo
What really is an object?
Will hopefully give you a better understanding.
Easy By NotAPorgu
Debugging your first program
You will learn how to identify issues with your code, and then fix them
Med By caiomgt
Talks about BadgeService and how to award badges!
Easy By Kut_ro
This lesson covers the basis of dictionaries
Easy By ThePotatoCamera
It's about relationship!
Learn how to use the relational operators.
Easy By blasterdude9009
Practice New Instances
This tutorial let's you practice with NewInstances
Easy By Voice_lessDev
The Tables Of Possiblity
Learn about Tables
Easy By KOMKO190
Changing Properties
Change properties through script!
Med By LoveTheBears101
Pathfinding: Creating a Path
Learn how to create a path using PathFindingService.
Med By Eandvwigle
Keycard Reader
Learn to have multiple keycards accepted or denied!
Med By Eeveenex21
Understanding Variables
Variables are an extremely useful tool for scripting. Get familier!
Easy By sonicbrennan2
Smaller Conditional Statements
If statements are so big. Learn how to make smaller versions for variables!

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